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Cigarette filler

Reconstituted cigarette filler is a blend component for the manufacturing of cigarettes. It can be produced from either the customer’s by products, or from specifically sourced tobaccos. Due to the gentle nature of the processes of HTL-DHT much of the original taste of the tobaccos is retained. When produced from the customers own by-products, the filler has a smoking characteristic that is very similar to the original product. This enables the use of reconstituted tobacco filler without having to including expensive high grade tobaccos to compensate for taste loss. When produced from selected tobaccos, the sigarette filler functions as a blend component to obtain the desired taste. Besides the tobacco leaf like reconstituted sheet, HTL-DHT makes a top-loaded version. This patented “Top load Process” creates a product with a closed film on which coarse tobacco particles are attached. This not only improves the taste, but also gives the shredded sheet a high filling-power. HTL-DHT is capable of converting all grades and forms of tobacco into filler sheet.