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Cigar binder

The inside (the “filler”) of a mechanically manufactured cigar is made up of various threshed tobaccos. The filler is mauled into a cigar shape and enveloped using a binder. This half product, called a “bunch” is then over rolled with a wrapper to make a finished cigar. Both binder and wrapper may be a natural tobacco leaf, or are made of reconstituted tobacco. The latter is used by our customers to manufacture cigars in a very efficient automated process.

The HTL-DHT binder products can be produced from either the customer’s by products, or from specifically sourced tobaccos. Due to the gentle nature of the processes of HTL-DHT much of the original taste of the tobaccos is retained. The highly flexible process of HTL-DHT makes it possible to produce a particular binder for each customer’s specific product and process. HTL-DHT produces products for all types of cigars and machines. This results in a portfolio ranging from very flexible sheet for manufacturing the traditional large and torpedo shaped cigars, to materials specifically designed for the fastest cigar machines on the market.