We present the latest development in our growing product offering:

Hemp sheet

Our new Hemp sheet is characterized by the full hemp flavour. It has a good feel and is very versatile in its application. We only use the best industrial hemp for production*.

Hanf NEW

*Customer is responsible for ensuring lawfulness of importation and use in their destination market.


Mint sheet

A totally fresh sensory experience offers our new mint-sheet. It is a development in our tobacco free and nicotine free portfolio, that offers a crisp taste combined with a mild sweetness. The sheet is easily workable and has proven to very successful, especially in the roll your own market.Ninze Neu

As with all our products, we only use the best ingredients with the highest quality standards. Both products can be used as a binder or as a wrapper, or as most commonly used as a one-leaf. Your quality and product requirements are leading us to produce sheets and further develop our portfolio. Contact us and we will make the product that you seek.

Hanf Bobbinen 212x240