The ArtBinder’s name originates from the ability to transform any product into an arty creation.

Totally non-tobacco and non-nicotine, this product is created with high grade cellulose. The addition of the finest food-grade colours creates a plethora of possibilities to customize this sheet to your marketing wishes. The addition of aroma complements the sheet to a double sensory appreciation. A red strawberry, a cool blue menthol, or a green apple, or any other combination specific to your brand. How about a warm orange combined with a summer fruit basket flavour?Papier groß

Either as one-leaf, or as a blunt wrap (weight 15 – 100g/m2) with a customized colour and flavour, this sheet will transform your product.

We have developed a further step to individualization of our product offering. Do you have specific colour or aromatic desires? Get in touch and we will find the optimum solution.