"Doctor why did you come if you were only going to make fun of everything in here?" Rose was born in London (TV: The Doctor Dances) to Jackie (TV: Rose) and Pete Tyler (TV: Father's Day) around 1986. So OBVIOUSLY they get married again, Yeah, in Silence in the library, River whispers his name into his ear and that is when he beleives that she is somebody important, But I think you miss the IMPORTANT Little picture while you're dealing with the bigger picture. The Doctor and River Song River Song is The Doctor’s wedded wife, and never before in television has there been a more long-distance marriage. They are math. I think it wasn't just 'flirting'. 9 somehow filled with bitterness and angry. 1 The Doctor: Leaving Jark Harkness Stranded Especially on Darillium - where they spent 24 years together - there's definitley love between them. I honestly never even saw a romance between rose and 10, just Rose having a huge highschool girl crush on him, and the doctor just kind of going along with it. He was furious that it was going to happen, and elated when he thought it hadn't. The relationship between 10th and Rose was a very human love relationship. I don't think people really seem to look at those details and realise how much they mean. Because you know, her intension was pure, that was an act of true care, and love. So, according to me, the Doctor's one true love is Melody Pond. This is obviously a symbolic reveal that the Doctor did have feelings for Cameca after all, and wasn’t ready to let her go. End of discussion. But I think out Rose was more loved my the Doctor than River was. I didn’t like what Moffat gave us: A psychopathic, flat, feisty, flirty, angry, … tl;dr: He did love Rose, now he loves River. how can ppl nit get tht he love her more dont denynit. Keep in mind that Nine, Ten, and Eleven are very different. Ok good. Nothing about the Doctor’s relationship with River Song was normal. I never thought the feelings were mutual between Rose and Ten. They may be the same person, but they are very different. But Rose chose living spending her life with the man who grabbed her hand and simply said "Run", A Member of Townsquare Entertainment News. There is no surprise... it's somewhat like dictated fate or a prophecy of sorts. 10 AND 11 HAVE DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES!!! ITS SIMPLE!!! A future Rose who had travelled back to that same day with the Doctor was present for these events, and interacted with her infant self, unleashing the Reapers. So Rose is like the rebound holiday romance with whom you share something unique, passionate and wonderful - but fleeting - with, River is the person you marry. Evey time she appears after TWORS in her timeline you can see how she loves him. She is also well trained warrior as the doctor. If the Doctor married River in a time that never actually happened, what's to say he ever married her. Also that's an action big enough to cause the Doctor to die/ regenerate. In fact in the series 4 finale, his Duplicate confesses that love to … Rose loved him, certainly, but I'm pretty sure it was unrequited for most of series 1 and 2. And I think River has a hand about that. Both are special to him in a different way but equally important to his growth. She can regenerate as doctor (we know she gave her all regenerations to doctor). I liked what Moffat promised: A well-thought out, complex character, forced to live her life backwards to the people she loved, who genuinely cared about people and her Doctor. No. River because he was actually clearly in love with her. I'll ship the Doctor/River well over a million times over before I'd ship the Doctor/Rose. She absorbed the time vortex, she looked in the tardis' heart. That's love. By using Fanpop, you agree to our use of cookies. And we saw at the last episode Doctor kiss her (never did before with any of women) and called her his wife. But when he realised River's wrist, he was very worried about her.He forgot Amy and Rory just a while. I agree. 11 loves River. Btw TARDIS-Granger, would yiu like me to actually write a list of how 10 and 11 are different???????? I have a theory that each Doctor is an aspect of his personality. He agreed to save time, but as she matured he loved her back. And also say last thing about Clara, isn't she like a machine, cold, nothing special of her? Tennant really please the fans when he finally said everything that fans have assumed the Doctor was thinking during Rose’s second goodbye, in … River Song is his wife! I really want the doctor to still love rose- i want it to be true, I think, in his heart-no matter which incarnation-the Doctor will always love Rose Tyler. And i think love for rose sort of died with 10... 10 loved Rose. Oh I have seen them all it was more of a question to see what other people think. Honestly, Moffatt has the need to make every companion the most important person in the entire galaxy all the time. I think he loved River deeply as his wife. Doctor couldn't direct her. I been watching some episodes of the tenth Doctor, and it has me thinking who does the Doctor love more. The first appearance of River Song is still, in my opinion, the best, and contains perhaps the most romantic line about how we perceive the people we love. 9-Rose was just friends but 10-Rose... First, Rose was just 19, and Doctor was 900! I am inclined to say Rose. When game over, you can restart from the beginning. And the other things make them two sides of a coin: they are both psychopat, genius, time lord, hot and flirty (to each other). See more ideas about 11th doctor, doctor, doctor who. "Wrong. That's such a great power but she managed to keep alive with it. And like Moffat said, "He loves his River.". The Doctor said and I sighed, shaking my head as he pulled me along the Museum; looking through all the glass cabinets, smirking. She tried to change the fixed point just for HIM. Because he gets older and gets a new body and new metabolism. Thankyou!!!! Rose is not just a child who needs help. River was born there, so she was the child of the Tardis. I agree with iamawhovian, and all who are pro-Rose. The episode that introduced a whole new generation to Doctor Who is amazingly well paced. I would say Clara even though he married River Song. And guys don't 4get the doctor is 1 peson he just changes his face...duhhhh. I only pity her. It never felt like love more like simple flirting. So of course, he's going to one-up the Doctors "romantic" relationship. He was obsessed with Clara. Nevertheless with every regeneration the character changes. you guys they are THE SAME PERSON he just looks different, He JUST looks different? Well. I asked as he continued to pull me by the arm; Amy lagging behind slightly, looking just as bored at me. We get that she was in love with him, but for her to suggest he go through with killing all of life just because she wanted a boyfriend was the worst thing she could have said. he said just as there was an explosion outside. Caring for River Song means that he has nothing to lose. River, is a time lord too. She uses gun, doctor uses screwdriver. Imo I don't think it's fair to compare the Rose-10th relationship to the River-11th relationship, because for all intents and purposes 10th and 11th are two different people. I´d also say that 10 was in love with Rose. 11 likes River, but Rose is the best. She later shot and killed him, which would also be considered a dealbreaker for most couples, but in this case led to marriage! Also on that point he would know that time would never of happened so he did it just to get everything back to normal. We've always been told how much The Doctor loves River, e.g. 10 LOVES ROSE AND 11 LOVES RIVER! That's all that stays constant. Rose was an important person to The Doctor, especially for 9, but it's not her photo the Doctor keeps on his desk. They were both of his hearts... Something to say? He loved them both, for different reasons and in different ways. AND HAVE DIFFERENT INTERESTS, IS THAT SO HARD TO GET OVER? Doctor is a time lord and he is a genius. He knows River Song is going to die after the first time she met him. Bit right, mostly wrong. And sincerely the Doctor has so many affairs he also loved the TARDIS when he had no one else his only true companion was the TARDIS. But with Rose I really did. By the end of Season 6, we witness the Wedding of River Song to the Doctor. So thanks for the fic. River married the man in whose Tardis he was born. Interesting example to give, when he didn't allow her to break her wrist. River ultimately was family. It also allowed us to see the true love from River. Same software different case. See more ideas about doctor who, doctor, dr who. I think that the doctor cares for River, but some part him still loves Rose and his other companions wether they are jus friends are not but he still thinks of them as his family besides the TARDIS, Well...the 9th and 10th doctor loves rose but matt forgot her soooo i uess its hem both, River is his wife!!!! But he never, for example, would have let Rose break her own wrist to escape a Weeping Angel. He has just moved on and has feelings for River but Rose will always be the one. © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., all rights reserved. It also allowed us to see the true love from River. She's always been much to pretentious for my liking anyway. They are born for each other. For Rose you knew he loved her with his heart and soul and their love grew. The 10th Doctor was much more human and mature, the 11th is much more alien and childlike. He's biologically, technically, whatever you want, the same being, but his personality, looks, and reactions are all different. They reminded me of teenagers saying "I love you" to each other after they've been dating for a month. Rose bid farewell to fans in 2010 when she became trapped in a parallel universe. With the Eleventh Doctor now passed into Whovian memory, it would seem that the Era of River Song has ended as well. She is the woman doctor who try to find out "who is the doctor song". Awww. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Rose is awesome!!!!!!! She was his wife. When the Doctor regenerates, he becomes a different person. But Rose was just a child for him. What about Let's Kill Hitler? But they are two very different sorts of love. But I think Rose was the woman who saved his life. Jan 8, 2021 - Explore Jess's board "11th Doctor Art" on Pinterest. Because everything started with them and it was just so beautiful. I agree. His fellow traveller of Time who really gets it. I don't think the Doctor was in love with Rose. She was his weakness. But it's not about River; it's about the girl who will always hold a special place in the Doctor's heart, the one he'd drop everything to save, the … That's exactly what happened with the Doctor. She is like a game. He cares her so much. Ten loved Rose, but much more in a crush kind of way. © 2006-2021 Fanpop, Inc., All Rights Reserved. He even keeps a photo of her on his desk. Measuring the intensity of love seems like a futile effort. When They Met For The First And Last Time. He loved her so much that he couldn't let himself love her for fear of how much it would hurt him when she was gone. Best example is the change from 9 to 10. 10 LOVES Rose and knows it, but I reckon 11 doesn't realize he still LOVES Rose because River is confusing him. I don’t hate River Song anymore. Whereas Eleven and Twelve, having had several centuries to move on from losing Rose, loves River as someone much more on his level, as a fellow time traveller, as an intellectual equal, as someone with just as much agency as he does. Eleven introduced us to the love of River from the Doctor. Aziraphale gets into the wrong car and the unsuspecting doctor is mistaken by the angel for Crowley (who overslept and forgot to pick him up). :|. I feel as if he loved Rose more. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I whole-heartedly agree. I hate those fics where the Doctor would just be head over heels for Rose when River would be RIGHT THERE. THEY'RE DIFFERENT ACTORS! And the doctor always is there. He has his memories and that's it. I also think it really just depends on who is writing/running the show at the time. TEn would chop off both of his arms for Rose, we all know that, but Eleven… I don’t know. She is an ordinary human with a big love for the Doctor, big enough to lleave everyhing she ever had behind. Well Rivers not an awful selfish chav so the answer seems obvious. I know they were "married" but It felt like he was just flirting with her more then real love. He loves Rose. River and Doctor appeared to be forced so in my eyes Doctor loves Rose more. They will always be connected. Remember Angels Take Manhattan. I think you could argue that The Doctor wasn't in love with Rose (in a romantic way). It's sad be because she only gets 3 appearances after that, but Mels (for whatever reason) loved the Doctor and wnted to marry him. (TV: The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, Army of Ghosts) Her father died when he was hit by a car while she was still a baby. I think that in the 50th anniversary episode we will be able to tell whom the doctor cares for more. The creative team (with approval from many levels of production, I'm sure) wrote the Doctor and Rose to be in love. Doctor loves Rose. And it is true, no one will love him more than her. Guys please look at the big picture. River can take care of herself I guess. He knows River Song is going to die after the first time she met him. River Song is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and played by Alex Kingston in the British science-fiction series Doctor Who.River Song was introduced to the series as an experienced future companion of series protagonist the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through time in his TARDIS.Because River Song is a time traveller herself, her adventures with the Doctor … He married River Song. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Back in the old days, the Doctor was devastated when Jo Grant left in The Green Death, and the 10th Doctor's relationship with Rose became a romantic tragedy by the end. No matter what Doctor it is he will ALWAYS love Rose. <3, Because, River said she married the Doctor, but then says to Amy that the universe then doesn't exist. There is no chance he has to take. I'm pretty sure Moffat intends River to have been his only love though. DOCTOR Who fans believe Billie Piper’s character Rose Tyler could be returning to the show. <3 <3. He was with her for such a short period of time that they stayed in constant "honeymoon stage". She was the first face he saw in two regenerations, and the last he said goodbye to. He gave his 24 years to her, his dear. The Doctor is in a paralal universe with rose but he is human and will die there with her. Create a new Fanpop account! I think 9 and Rose were much better. I was'nt sure before last episode if he is love or like as the other companions. She became more like him, a fellow time traveller. According to doctor (may be he liked him very much) Rose is a child who needs help. A companion goes and does what doctor says. It's no longer dormant." The Doctor never tells anybody else his real name at all. Even if he tells her his name, he knows she won't abuse it because she will die when she is still in love with him. "Last one positive." Well, the Ninth and Tenth Doctors were head over heels for Rose, and Eleven loves River. She is genius as doctor. For Nine, Rose was an emotional beacon, someone who helped him come back from a very dark place and become someone he wasn't ashamed to be anymore, and he owed her a debt for that. I like to think so, but his personality is slightly different. "That was a projection of the Angel. River was clearly in love with him. Someone who loves him for who he is, not what he represents, flaws and all. River said and I smiled as the Doctor let me go and began to scan the plug as Amy hugged me tightly. He clearly deeply cared for her and was upset for a long time after Doomsday. In Manhatten and then Trenzalore, you can see him love her back. I think he loves River "more" in the sense that it's a longer lasting love spanning his life. He waste some of his regeneration energy to fix her wrist. In my view, the Doctor just sees River as an object of flirting rather than someone to love and cherish. I'd rather neither i mean i hate River, their "love"seems sorta one-way with that flirt. She didn't show her wrist because she wanted him to be happy about "Okay, she escaped there. gooday and good night.And Romana beats both of em she is smarter prettier and braver.also a Time Lord.Watch the classic series.Just sayin, River Song, its adorable how akward he act when they kiss! And another point, they both like to wear remarkable. It's not at all surprising the Doctor loved Rose; River is a much more questionable choice. His Partner. Ten's "love" for River wasn't developed for her and expired from her. And she is professor (higher than the doctor) and she knows a lot about the doctors past and future, and this make doctor proud of her and respect her. It made me cry. Thanks to time travel, The Doctor’s last meeting … Press J to jump to the feed. That being said, I would say that Rose had the love and lust from a new relationship and River had the strong wife vibe. Yeah Ten loves Rose 11 no longer but remembers her fondly 11 loves River and Ten is wondering who the heck River is. But you should remember this. Personally, I prefer Rose (9 was my first doctor), but I don't believe a long term relationship between her and the Doctor would have worked, they were very much in the "honeymoon" period the entire time. thank you someone who is makeing sense.I mean come on do you watch the show!!? River though, he cared for on a much deeper level. Or at least she felt much stronger. The meta-crisis Doctor and Rose decide to take a little family Holiday in Rose's home dimension, riding in on a time machine that looks remarkably like a 1926 Bentley. Sign in with one of these options: Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. River. But due to different actors playing them, its okay for him to have new interests, such as River or fish fingers in custard. Ten has such a deep and profound love for Rose. River. He will never love River as much as he loved Rose. :-). I pity her and the character arcs she was given. her picture on his desk, but I thought Nine with Rose was a more organic romance. But Rose let the whole time and space in her mind. He is cursed for that reason. He says that it's not just your body that changes, it's the personality, and how they act, I agree, I mean he uses up a generation of his life just to heal River's wrist. It's enough that he did love them. I mean, he burned up a star to see her one last time and say goodbye. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He loved Rose more than anyone and even though he has accepted that she is happy somewhere else and they're never going to be together he still loves her more. But River had her own adventures and invite doctor to come with her. I never honestly felt the love between River and the Doctor. I'm listening tp an audio aventure, legit bbc, where the 7th Doctor is flying around saving stuff because his next body might be to weak to make the right choices. For a start, she died the very first time they met, which would usually be a barrier to any relationship developing. That's why, and this is a slight spoiler: she was one of the pictures on his desk in The Pilot, and not Rose. But he had to let her go - she is happy with the Metacrisis Doctor now. You are right about River, but that cinematic run and that childish giggle hearing Rose was trying to come back from parallel world - yeah, I'm not sure you can. And while it should be bittersweet, it is also honestly something of a relief. Two different loves, Rose and the doctors love was more entertaining, imo. I think asking who he loves "more" is impossible to measure. Doctor loves Rose. Only 10 loved Rose, maybe, he never did say it after al. So if you think you know you have no clue. Of course they are differen! It's reaching out, getting a good look at us. (TV: Fat… I see Rose as the human the The Doctor "stole" to heal his heart after the ravages of the Time War. I love 11xRiver a lot more than 10xRose, but I can appreciate that they were in love too.

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